mini astro-consultations

The core offering of Queer of Cups is a mini astro-consultation, offered on a sliding scale from $10-20.  You choose a relevant option below, and I’ll look up your chart, put together a PDF write-up of at least 400 words including an explanation of how your selected astrological influence may affect you along with some prompts for reflection.  Within a week of your purchase, I’ll email you your PDF as well as an image of your chart.  These offer a personalized spin on the horoscopes you’ll find elsewhere by looking at the correspondences between planetary movements and the placement of the planets in your birth chart.


Please note that these readings are intended to offer something to reflect upon.  They’re not predictive.  They sometimes get deep in unexpected directions; I like that astrology gives us an opportunity to approach our shadow material and begin to heal it.  I’ll do my best to offer challenging or provocative information in a gentle and supportive way, but please be prepared for potentially challenging insights or questions.

I can’t offer refunds for completed readings, but I’m happy to hear feedback and updates from you.  I also can’t offer additional clarification for free, but I’m happy to work with you on a custom order if you’d like an additional reading to clarify themes that came up in a previous reading.

To order:

  • Email me with the following info:
    • Your first name
    • Email address you’d like your reading sent to
    • Which reading you’d like (options below)
    • Birth date
    • Exact birth time
    • Birth location (town/city, state)
  • Send your $10-20 payment via Paypal or Venmo.


New moons

New moons are great times to start new projects and build things.  They set the tone for the next 28 days until the subsequent new moon.

Next new moon:

1/5: New moon/solar eclipse in Capricorn

Full moons

Full moons are times of culmination, release, and letting go.

Next full moon:

1/21: Full moon/lunar eclipse in Leo

Jupiter in Sagittarius


Jupiter represents expansion, abundance, and growth.  It spends about a year in each sign, so this is a good reading for looking at growth on a year-long scale.  An especially good selection for Sagittarius and Sadge rising, since Jupiter rules Sadge.

Saturn in Capricorn

(12/19/17 – 3/21/20, 7/1/20 – 12/17/20)

Saturn is the “task-master,” representing mastery, maturity, hard work, and obstruction.  It spends about 2.5 years in each sign, which makes it a good selection for thinking about longer-term growth.  An especially good selection for Capricorn and Aquarius or Cap or Aquarius rising, since both signs are ruled by Saturn.  Also very useful for those born between November 1988 and January 1991 or January 1959 and December 1961 (currently experiencing their Saturn return).

Uranus in Taurus

(5/15/18 – 7/7/25, 11/9/25-4/26/26)

Uranus is the planet of revolution, unexpected change, electricity, technology, innovation, and breakdowns/breakthroughs.  During it’s 7-8 years in each sign, it revolutionizes and electrifies the area of your life represented by that sign.