a gemini new moon love letter to myself

Since I’m feeling a deep need to do the kind of writing that goes into Mini Astro-Consultations, I decided to write one as a love letter to myself for this Gemini New Moon.  I thought I’d share it here with you so that you can get a feel for what a Mini Astro-Consultation looks like.  The only meaningful difference between this one and one you receive when you place an order is that, to ensure that you’re not overwhelmed by the astrological jargon, I don’t bunch up those terms quite as much and I explain them more fully when writing for you.

View reading as a PDF or read below.

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Reading for Nick

Aries sun, Sagittarius rising, Pisces moon

Dear Nick,

This Gemini new moon falls in the middle of a series of major transition and astrological thresholds. Your ruling planet Mars has been connecting with the south node of loss and releasing in your 3rd house of communication, siblings, neighbors, and short distance travel, and the tides are rising with Neptune preparing to station retrograde in your 4th house of home, family, and roots. What are you ready to offer up to the ocean?

This moon at 22º Gemini, squares your Pisces moon. Squares are difficult and dynamic aspects of growth and transformation. They’re like a lever—a heavy and weighty obstacle that requires your dedicated force to move forward. What’s coming up emotionally? Are you finding conflicts between home and relationships? Between your innermost needs and your work in partnerships? New moons initiate new growth: What opportunity is being born through this growth challenge? How can you better advocate for and honor your needs for security within your partnerships?

Mercury, planet of communication and ideas and ruler of this Gemini new moon, has just moved into Cancer, sign of mothering, deep feeling, nostalgia, and roots. At the moment of the new moon, Mercury will form a harmonious sextile to Uranus, planet of breakthroughs/breakdown, innovation, electricity, and unexpected change, and oppose Saturn, planet of boundaries, obstacles, delays, and authority. What sort of breakthrough would help you lovingly communicate your boundaries? What sort of breakthrough might result from talking to yourself with the loving, mothering vibes of Cancer? How can you manifest loving communication in the world? How might more intentional boundaries around your communication create a container for deeper self-love?

Additionally, Mercury at this point in the zodiac finishes a t-square aspect in your chart with Neptune in Capricorn and Mercury and Aenus conjunct in Aries. This aspect pattern may be the key to moving you through the dynamic tension of the square between the new moon and your natal moon. In this t-square, transiting Mercury is opposing Neptune, creating some fog, confusion, and/or projection in communication. Both of those planets square your natal Mercury-Venus conjunction in Aries, a conjunction that brings beauty to direct communication and facilitates communicating what you most value. Neptune brings additional dreaminess and compassion to your communication, though it may also lend a fog to your words, obscuring their meaning as they reach the ears of your interlocutors. Transiting Mercury closes this circuit for a more powerful energetic flow. How do you want to transfer the energy of communicating a beautiful and valued dream to your 8th house of taboo, inheritance, sex, and psychological depths? Neptune and Venus may well lend a sensuality and blurred edges to the darker themes of the 8th house, making them a bit easier to work through. The Aries energy tied in to your Mercury-Venus conjunction gives you the creative vision, the strength, and the tenacity to dive deep into the underworld realms of the 8th house. What do you most want to heal with this energetic circuit?

It’s been a difficult few weeks, dear Aries. Let the swell of Neptune’s oceanic currents wash away the grief Mars is scraping out of the South Node. You’re doing the healing work of many lifetimes.



 Queer of Cups


Instagram: @queer_of_cups



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