Uranus in Taurus spread

As I mentioned yesterday, Uranus will move into Taurus for the first time in 84 years tomorrow (Tuesday, 5/15), and it’ll be there until 2025. Whichever area of your life is governed by Taurus will be in for a shake up in the next 7-8 years.

To begin getting some insight on what’s ahead, I offer you this Uranus-in-Taurus spread:

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 1.13.16 PM

1. What’s my relationship to Uranus? (You could cross-reference this with Uranus’s placement in your chart for additional insight.)
2-4. What does Uranus in Taurus have to teach me?
5. How do I need to revolutionize my relationship to [keywords from your Taurus house—see below]?
6. How can I best harness the revolutionary potential of Uranus in Taurus?
7. What advice do my Uranus in Taurus ancestors have for me? [For the most recent Uranus in Taurus generation, they’re 77-84 years old now.]

Taurus house keywords:
Aries rising—value, possessions, earned income
Taurus rising—self, identity
Gemini rising—rest, endings, behind-the-scenes, collective unconscious
Cancer rising—friendships, networks, wishes and aspirations
Leo rising—public role/career
Virgo rising—higher education, philosophy, international travel, publishing
Libra rising—inheritance, taboo, death and rebirth
Scorpio rising—partnerships, both business and romantic
Sagittarius rising—health, body, service, daily routines
Capricorn rising—play, creativity, romance/sex, children
Aquarius rising—home, roots, family
Pisces rising—communication, siblings, neighbors/neighborhood, short-distance travel

(It’s best to go with the keywords for your rising sign, as I’ve noted here. If you know your exact birth time and location, you can look this up online. If you can’t find your birth time, you could substitute the keywords for your sun sign.)

You may want to use tomorrow’s Taurus new moon to plant the seeds of a few intentions for your Uranus in Taurus journey.

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