daily tarot tracking spreadsheet

I was inspired by @jessrollar‘s daily tarot tracking method.  Instead of putting in the time and meticulous attention to precision required of making a chart by hand, I decided to make myself a chart in Excel.  If you’re interested, I’d encourage you to check Jess’s blog post explanation linked above.

Here’s what my sheet includes: like Jess’s model, the centerpiece of this is color-coding the suits I pull for my daily tarot draw.  Jess is tracking moon phases, which I’m doing as well, but I also wanted to track the moon’s movement through the zodiac. Additionally, I included a column where I could record the number of the card I draw to see if there are any numerological patterns developing.

Here’s the Excel tarot chart if you’d like to use it.

Here’s my first month of tracking:


You’ll see that I missed several days.  I put in a star on days where I did a multi-card spread instead of a daily draw, to distinguish that from the days I don’t pick up my deck.

I’m finding this really illuminating already.  I didn’t realized how many pentacles cards I’d pulled in January, nor that Strength came up for me 3 times this month after having almost never come up in daily draws in previous years.

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